iOS Application Development

Pixio has a team of specialized developers for iOS mobile applications. Alongside a project manager for your app, our team works fluidly to make each line of code match the intention of your iOS app. We release builds throughout the process for you to test and show to stakeholders. Each app created by Pixio can be custom fitting for both iPhone and iPad allowing you to reach your consumer base through multiple mediums.

Our team guides you through our four-phase process of Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment. With each step, you’re receiving tangible deliverables and updates from our team of as we build your iOS app.


We begin with a simple question, “Will an app help you accomplish your goals?” We perform market research and technological research to refine your custom mobile iOS application idea. We then analyze the idea alongside to the research to ensure its success.


In the development phase, our team of iOS developers and the project manager assigned to your app will code out the functionality and the main system behind your iOS app. During this phase you, as the client, receive regular and live updates from your project manager on the progress of your custom application. You additionally have access to a Beta version of your application for review.

Already have an iOS application? Is it outdated or hard to manage?

Check out our Code Architecture program for how we can help by looking over and tuning up your existing code. Code inspections provide actionable insight to your CTO and product managers about how your codebase is functioning; or not functioning.

Not sure if you’re ready to jump full force into development?

Let us coach you through the Google Design Sprint process to give you a market tested concept and mock-up of your application. In five days your team will move from an idea to a tested prototype and end with a decision that will save your organization countless hours and money.


Interested in our iPad enterprise software solutions?

Our team has experience in multiple types of enterprise application development projects. When you’re looking for a custom app designed for your business or organization, Pixio has the experts you need to meet the needs of the individuals in your organization.

We can serve like a CTO as we move you through the development process or we can work alongside your existing tech department to create the exact functionality you need to streamline your in-house operations.

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