Code Architecture Services

Already have a mobile application? Linux code? Is it outdated or hard to manage?

If you have old code that is outdated or hard to manage, our Code Architecture Program can help. We provide an objective analysis of your codebase. We deliver a report to you providing strategies for solving the biggest problems in your codebase. The same report outlines actionable steps to yield positive results for your business.

Software Architecture

You have your system and your system has a code base. Simon Brown, an independent software development consultant specializing in software architecture, defined why we created this program:

“You get an artificial separation between the architecture-related views (logical, module, functional, etc) and the code-related views (implementation, design, etc). I don’t like treating the architecture and the code as two separate things, but this seems to be the starting point for many of the ways in which software systems are communicated/documented.”

In order to see the big picture built into each line of code, you need a proper architectural plan. This plan maps out not only the big picture idea but puts functionality directly into that big picture. With our program and analysis, we organize your code base to make it more efficient, easier to understand and in a clearly defined map.

“A clean mapping between diagrams and code makes a software system easy to explain, the impact of change becomes easier to understand and architectural refactorings can seem much less daunting if you know what you have and where you want to get to.”
– Simon Brown, independent software development consultant specializing in software architecture

software architectureWhen you begin our code architecture program, we start with a code inspection. The primary inspection provides actionable insight of your code base. We give that insight to your CTO and product managers to illustrate how your codebase is functioning, or not functioning.

Our code analysis and code architecture program delivers ways for your team to make informed decisions on their product roadmap. Our team of top mobile application developers identify the obstacles, understand their origin and and remediate the obstacles by clearing up the architecture as a whole.

With our team of analysts and developers, we can take our analysis and execute the recommended fixes for your codebase.

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