What We Do

We specialize in mobile application development for iOS and Android. We also work with embedded systems and desktop operating systems.

As a technology firm, we provide intensive consulting for software in the fields of our clients. As a team of developers, we are experts in creating and implementing those recommendations.

We’ll help you distill your idea. Renovate old code, modernize your existing code and give you a polished product with our Code Architecture Program.

Not sure if you’re ready to jump full force into your mobile application idea? Our team has been taught by the specialists at Google in creating Design Sprints. We’ll take your business problem, refine the technical solution and coach you through a five-day sprint for you to receive a prototype of static screens to test your idea on the market after only five days.

Are you in a business that wants to launch an internet of things product, or need an app to interface with a piece of hardware? We create more than just apps. We create advanced software with the ability connect an app to your sprinkler timer, treadmill or to a flying drone.

We refine your concept. We work within your deadline. We find the best people for the nitty gritty. We choose a member from our team to facilitate the creation of your idea. When you partner with Pixio, you’re ensuring you have the best cross-disciplinary team to create your software.

IOS Apps

Pixio has a team of specialized developers for iOS mobile applications. Alongside a project manager for your app, our team works fluidly to make each line of code match the intention of your iOS app. We release builds throughout the process for you to test and show to stakeholders. Each app created by Pixio can be custom fitted for both iPhone and iPad allowing you to reach your consumer base through multiple mediums.

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Code Architecture

If you have old code that is outdated or hard to manage, our Code Architecture Program can help. We provide an objective analysis of your codebase. We deliver a report to you providing strategies for solving the biggest problems in your codebase. The same report outlines actionable steps to yield positive results for your business.

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