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January 6, 2017 at 1:52 pm | How We Use Google Ventures Design Sprints to Save You Time and Money

At Pixio, we are committed to saving our clients both time and money. That is why we provide Google Ventures design sprints for them. We are trained by specialists from Google to help different companies solve a problem and validate a product idea in just five days before entering the development stage.

This scheduled process helps give companies a way to learn without building and launching an application. Bypass the seemingly endless debate stage and see the finished product and how it is received by the customer before you shell out money.

A sprint runs on a five-day schedule. Here is a brief overview of what happens on each day during this process:


The sprint begins with structured discussions on Monday. After introductions are made and the sprint is explained, a long-term goal is set. By doing this, you can envision your finished product and the risks along the way. A map of the challenge is made next, and experts will be leaned on for advice and relevant knowledge. The last task for the first day of the sprint is to make a target based on the part of your problem that can be solved in a week.


Going into Tuesday, you now have a target in sight and day of understanding under your belt. You will focus on sketching solutions, beginning with a chance to change and improve existing ideas. Concrete ideas are valued over abstract solutions.


Your team will go into Wednesday with a variety of solutions at your disposal. After each idea is critiqued, you will decide upon the ideas that give you the best chance of achieving your goals. A storyboard is then made of the winning sketches.


On Thursday, you will create a realistic facade to test with customers. This is based on all of the important decisions that were included in your storyboard. You will then split up your storyboard and assign different prototyping roles based on your team members’ skills. You will prepare for Friday’s test by confirming the schedule, going over the prototype and writing a script for the interview.


On the final day, you will get a reaction to the prototype you created. You will need a sprint room to watch video of what people say about the prototype during the interviews, which will be conducted in a smaller room. Five interviews are recommended. Have your whole team present to watch the feedback so you can draw better conclusions. Regardless of the outcome, you will learn what to do next.

You can learn more about our team at Pixio and how our design sprint service works by calling 888-660-2260.

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