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Orbit Irrigation has a widespread product lineup of yard and landscaping care products. In the past, they had worked with Lowes on an IRIS-compatible timer but wanted to launch an in-house timer and a corresponding Internet of Things application. Orbit approached Pixio to create Android and iOS software to launch a new smart product in their lineup.

The Challenge

Orbit Irrigation is the world leader in manufacturing and supplying irrigation, misting, and home improvement products to homeowners in forty countries across five continents. They wanted to create a “smart home” type of product for their line up.

Orbit wanted a wifi-connected sprinkler timer and a custom mobile application to pair, program and manage their new timers from the hand of the homeowner. The goal with the new software was to continue to provide innovative and high-quality home improvement products with the B-Hyve Smart WiFi Sprinkler Timer, which using WeatherSense technology.

The goal was to be able to control your sprinklers and watering schedule according to weather forecasts from anywhere in the world by just opening up the Pixio designed smartphone application.

Key Features

• Server-enabled smart watering. ​Saving water by understanding watering restrictions and weather forecasts.

• Real-time control of the timer to start and change watering and set or cancel rain delay. ​Using the app, users can start, stop, and skip within list of sprinkler zones to water.

• Historical watering data and future scheduling so you can see when you watered and when you will water. ​The historical data includes estimates of the amount of water used, the amount of natural precipitation on that day, and the effect on the moisture of the lawn.

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