Mac OS X / iOS (iPad) / Android (Tablet)

LifeSpan Fitness had an existing and profitable brand of exercise hardware. They needed to bring in their hardware into the mobile age by using Bluetooth-enabled applications. LifeSpan expanded their line of fitness equipment to integrate Bluetooth connectivity and custom software solutions from Pixio for Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.

“It was going to be a really complicated project.”
The Challenge

LifeSpan is a health and wellness company focusing on innovative exercise equipment. LifeSpan Fitness’ tens of thousands of customers purchase treadmills, stationary bikes, and walking desks for home and for the office. Many of their customers enroll in either the LifeSpan Fitness Club or the Interactive Health Partner.

Their goal with their custom application by Pixio was to increase customer loyalty and engagement. The barrier to this was customer dissatisfaction surrounding exercise logging. LifeSpan Fitness wanted to build their online physical training and counseling product and scale it with some sort of automated solution.

LifeSpan Fitness decided to add Bluetooth to their line of exercise equipment. They were extremely concerned about the complexity of the project. Before their custom application, LifeSpan had a desktop app written in a legacy system which was reaching end-of-life and needed a solution urgently. They chose to partner with Pixio to launch their Treadmill Plus treadmill console replacement.

Key Features

• User access to much more data than on a traditional treadmill or walking desk console

• Heart rate training zone information and recording

• Web-integrated training program for customers serious about reaching fitness goals

Long Term-Partners

“We developed our first mobile app with Pixio. It was a complicated project,” said Bob Starr, “but the Pixio team made everything smooth sailing. Four more apps later, and the experience keeps getting better and better. Delivery of new apps and maintenance of existing apps are completed quickly. Plus, the Pixio guys are so enjoyable to work with, I gave their team members a nickname: ‘Pixions’”.

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