Auto-Updating Tranquility

Lorenzo Swank

Hold it right there! There’s a new version of Tranquility out! (Ok, so it’s a minor version bump . . .)


This update is meant to make it easy for you to automatically download and install updates in the future. Because of the (pardon my space pun) stellar reception on day one, I’ve decided to try to implement as many of the suggestions that my Redditor friends have made. Since you won’t want to check this website every time something new comes up, I’ve added the amazing Sparkle framework.

This should be the last time you have to manually download a new version of Tranquility. So, have at it!

Download Tranquility 1.0.1

While I’m on my Soapbox . . .

It’s actually quite fascinating to note that the original Andy Matuschak version of Sparkle has gone into “not being actively maintained” mode. I discovered a little late that there is a version being maintained on GitHub which has all of the necessary changes for building with Xcode 5.0+. I’d managed to make all of the important changes to make Sparkle.framework usable for Tranquility. The moral of this story is that there’s so much good software out there — including forks! — that we engineers need to learn some marketing skills to help people find us!